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Mr. Erwin A. Holt wishes Miss Berry a happy birthday and discusses many different subjects such as anti-Catholicism and traveling.

Mr. Holt writes to give his annual Armistice Day Thankoffering for $300.

Erwin A Holt is sending a letter to Miss Berry as well, but asks Miss Bonner for a dozen reprints of "The Fame of the Berry Schools." He is also asking for a few copes of the history of the Berry School and copies of the Highlander last fall. He also thanked them for their Christmas card.

Erwin writes to Martha with a donation to the Berry School, hoping it finds her in good health and hopes to donate more when the Orange Grove will bring in good returns.

In this letter Erwin Holt tells Martha Berry that the last Spring's Highlander was a success and and that he and Mrs. Holt are doing well.

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