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Berry writes to her niece Frances Ball, who is in the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Berry discusses Ball's health, saying she wishes for her to have the best care and that she is anxious to do anything she can for her. Berry sends news of Christmas, the baby's presents and development, and visitors to Oak Hill for the holiday. She suggests that Ball order something to eat from Miss Gilmer at The Little Inn as it will be better than the hospital food.

Miss Berry expresses her sympathy to Miss Seeler and asks her to visit the schools soon. She also asks Miss Seeler to look up her nephew who is studying in New York.

Martha Berry tells why the students stay at school for Christmas. She discusses the work at Pilgrim Hall. She tells of the barrack that was housing some of the boys and how it burned. Berry explains the need of a fire-proof dormitory. She also thanks Mrs. Hammond for the books she sent her.

Martha Berry asks Sidney to visit her during the Christmas holidays and stay a while.

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