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Martha Berry encloses an article about donations from John D. Rockefeller to the Rabun Gap Industrial School and the Nacoochee Institute, schools she refers to as failures, and seeks Albert Shaw's aid in making Berry's case to Rockefeller. She also suggests that Shaw might interest financier and philanthropist George F. Baker in donating to Berry. She is eager to establish a million dollar endowment for Berry, referring to a failed plan for Mr. Ochs to make such a donation.

John D. Rockefeller, Jr. acknowledges receipt of a letter from Mrs. Hammond and advises that she not share with Berry the contents of the confidential memorandum he sent to her. He recommends that any points mentioned in the memo should come to Berry as though they had been made by interested anonymous friends.

Martha Berry encloses an article about John D. Rockefeller's gifts to other schools and asks Emily Hammond to help get him interested in Berry. Berry sends good wishes for the wedding of Hammond's daughter Alice and looks forward to Hammond's visit in April.

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