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Berry thanks May for an umbrella she received at Christmas. Typed on the reverse of a solicitation letter.

Mr. Carlson sends Miss Bonner a list of donors. He is unsure if they should be solicited "because practically all of them are Hebrews" but advises that they can be generous if interested in the cause..

Hammond encloses a letter from Adolph Ochs and asks Martha Berry to suggest revisions. Hammond has received Louise Inman's solicitation for the Mothers Building and comments that she is glad the idea originated with a southern woman. She wants to give $1,000 and asks Berry whether to direct it to the new dormitory or through Mr. Ochs. Hammond advises Berry not to be unhappy about Ochs being chosen as chair of the endowment effort, because he is the obvious choice; if any Protestant southerners object because he is a Jew, Berry should dwell on the fact that his generosity is all the more wonderful because he knows the schools are Christian. On letterhead of the Jekyl Island Club.


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