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Margaret Stauffer went on a trip to the Berry campus and to visit her brother, Frank Gottshall, who teaches at Berry. Stauffer expresses her gratitude for being able to visit the Schools and teach Mr. Hamrick's students about Japanese art. She was very impressed by the campus and style of teaching and compared them to the beautiful simplicity of traditional Japanese art.

Mr. Keppel writes that the next Board Meeting will be on April 16 and he will bring up Miss Berry's suggestion then. He says that he hopes Mr. Lester could go to Berry and talk with her.

Berry thanks Myers for helping with information for the Bible department and for the book on Japan he sent.

William Starr Myers informs Berry that he has referred her question to Rev. Dr. Charles R. Erdman, who he hopes has been in touch with her. He encloses a copy of a book on Japan written by one of his students, and provides news of visitors and family.

Sugimoto, Administrative Secretary of the Government General of Formosa, Japan, proposes to visit Berry.

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