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Martha Berry writes to ask B. Mifflin Hood if he can recommend someone to take charge of the brick-making operation at Berry. She also inquires about tile for the room for her house in the mountains, requesting a price reduction if possible, and invites Mr. Hood to visit the school.

Letter of appreciation sent after a visit to Berry indicating it was worthy of being a pattern for the federal government. He mentions the House o' Dreams at the summit.

Dr. and Mrs. Tobben thank Miss Berry for all that she has done for them and explain their plan to give a gift each year on their wedding anniversary - a dollar for each year of their marriage.

Robert Womack expresses his pleasure in having been able to visit Rome and see the House of Dreams. He also inquires as to whether or not there is a job position at Berry that he could fill.

Mabel Lyman apologizes for not being able to give a donation. She also informs Miss Berry that the donation of $2000 that her sister gave before she died was intended to go towards the work of the school, not the special rest-house.

In this letter Rio Bandy thanks Miss Berry for her kindness, and send further information about her wedding which she plans to have on Berry grounds

Achelis responds to Berry's letter that the basket she gave as a wedding present to her sister is the size she wishes to order now. She wishes she could be at the school to enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables, and asks if Berry takes time for "resting and dreaming" at the house on Lavendar Mountain.

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