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Letter to Martha Berry from C.E. Mason showing her excitement at Miss Berry's availability to attend her school's Thanksgiving banquet, even asking her to stay the night.

Coolidge and Carlson encloses copies of correspondence also sent to her at the Hotel Gotham.

Mr Bierwirth thanks Martha Berry for her letter advising him about a dinner to be held by Mrs Hammond. Hwill however be unable to attend. He congratulates Martha Berry on her recient award which may have a part in a new permanent building at Berry

Martha writes to Mr. Bierwirth informing him that she has given his name for a party invite in New York. She also notes that she will be at the Gotham Hotel on the 30th.

Inez asks "Miss Bessie" to send a list of names Mr. Cutting recommended for Berry Trustees. Bonner writes that Berry is "pretty well and has been lovely all the time." She describes a dinner event, her health, and the weather. On Hotel Gotham stationery.

Inez writes to Miss Bonner with the life of Gifts from the Sun-up Program and Town Hall.

Martha Berry wants a daily list of gifts because it will be of great help. She wants Miss Bonner to let her know when she hears from Mr. Bierwirth because she has not heard from him. She also wants Mr. Keown to write her.

Martha writes to Miss Bonner asking her to send litarature to Mrs. Myers, and instructs her that if any writers come for pictures and information to have Mr. Keown help select materials.

Martha writes to Miss Bonner with three checks that need to be acknowledged.

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