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Martha Berry writes to Mr. Laughlin telling him that she has not been able to keep up her speaking engagements due to bronchitis. She goes on to mention that they did not have enough to pay the teachers last month and asks if Mr. Laughlin will talk with his parents as they had shown interest in the school before.

In this letter Mr. Green asks Martha Berry to approve the work rates for some college students. He asks her to read the letter from J.S. Stewart so that they can host the Seventh District School Conference. He informs her of the tentative schedule for outside team games, and that the schools are in need of an Engineering Building, a new girl's dormitory and a new boy's dormitory for the mountain campus.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Miss Green that it will cost 35,000$ and that she needs her help to get there.

Miss Berry informs Dr. Payne that she cannot speak at the Conference on Adult Education because of a severe cold. Professor G. Leland Green, Principal of the Berry Schools, will take her place.

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