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A letter stating that Berry could grow about 80 percent of the feed they use for the poultry if Martha wrote a letter to Mr. Russel saying she wanted it done.

Martha writes to Grady that she will be alright to have Mr. Hall on Thursday. She would also like Swafford's team to work on the mountain to help with the Bermuda.

Martha is asking Grady, an assumed employee, to order fruit trees to plant. She also has an inquiry about rent from Mr. Tolbert that he owes.

Mr. Hamrick informs Martha Berry that Tolbert does not have enough cotton to pay rent, but he will pay $5 per week until his rent is paid.

Letter to Grady Hamrick from Martha Berry asking him to plant as many walnut and pine trees as possible in the wasteland at the Foundation School.

Martha Berry expresses her worry that people go to the dam and drive along the causeway on Sunday afternoon. She asks Grady to have a fence put up and think of a way to stop people from trespassing at the dam.

Martha asks Grady to get 200 pounds of cotton and put with Mr. Tolbert's to make a bale to sell now.

Berry dispenses instructions to Hamrick about pine trees (she believes it is a mistake to have cut so many), roads (she would prefer a good road to the barn instead of "so much fancy planting"), drainage, ivy (which should be planted around the barn), and the use of native trees.

Bonner suggests that Berry meet with two prospective donors on her trip to New York and discusses other office business. She provides travel details for Berry's visit to the Horace Mann School and mentions that Grady Hamrick left that day for Tuskegee.

Berry asks if Hamrick could send a boy or two to be fitted with donated clothes, so their picture may be taken and sent to Mr. McClain, the man who donated the clothing.

Berry writes to Hamrick because the Health Inspectors are coming soon, and she would like him to burn up the remaining trash. Also, Berry would like little signs made for the plants on the mountain, so she needs Hamrick to send her the plant names.

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