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Martha Berry finds out that a girl from Atlanta might have been admitted. It was Berry's policy at the time not to admit students from Rome or cities larger than Rome, especially those that could pay their own way to Berry.

Martha Berry instructs Dr. Green to make sure Mr. Keim maintains an active music schedule at the end of the summer.

Green provides a description of her daughter, Inez Madlyn, who she is interested in placing with Berry. Inez is obedient, not fond of boys, and good at sewing and cleaning.

Berry offers to have Green's daughter placed with her if the girl is earnest. She asks if the girl is easy to control and fond of boys, as well as what Mrs. Green would expect as wages for her.

Green asks for Berry's help in finding a place as a maid or nurse for her 17 year-old daughter, who has been unable to finish her schooling at home.

Berry reprimands Wingo for letting Faith Cottage children work outside the Girls School, asking that the girls be removed at once. Only older girls should work in the Boys School or in the kitchen where there are so many boys.

Martha Berry writes Mrs. Harvey telling her she is sending her the quilt that she ordered and that the business office will send a statement of charges. She warns Mrs. Harvey that the quilt took the girls a very long time and the work was difficult, so the charges will likely be more than they would be ordinarily.

Clara Ford, wife of Henry Ford, with a Berry student examining a handicraft.


Martha Berry sends a thank you letter that doubles as a letter asking for money to Miss Sarah E. Baldwin, who sent $100 to help a female student named Audrey who just graduated high school and is attending junior college.

This is a series of letters between a Mr. Harrington of the W. E. Browne Decorating Company and Martha Berry. The first two regard some rugs at Sunshine Cottage used as models for the girls school. The second two are from Miss Berry asking about some cloth to cover chairs at her house.

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