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Mr. Hornblower explains that he has delayed answering Miss Berry's. He says that he has all but a few issues of National Geographic and that he will forward whichever ones she would like. He also comments that it has been interesting, heartening, and enlightening to note the attitudes of the people of Georgia in recent current events.

Martha Berry sends a letter to Mr. Walter Mooney about flowers for Mrs. Davis.

William L. McKee received Martha Berry's letter about getting benifits from Miss Mason's Trust Fund for the Berry Schools.

Part of a handwritten letter to Martha Berry pertaining to a small donation given to the Martha Berry Schools.

Congressman M.C. Tarver describes his delight over having pictures of the Berry Schools recently framed and hung in his office.

A letter in reply to Martha Berry from Congressman M.C. Tarver (7th Dist. of Georgia). He requests pictures of the school and/or students to hang in his office so that he may show others the wonderful work of the Berry Schools.

Berry responds to Tarver's request for a photograph of the Berry Schools with a photograph of a group of students.

M.C. Tarver, member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Georgia's 7th district, requests a picture of the schools for his office in Washington, DC.

The manager, A.E. Martin, of Bon Air-Vanderbilt Hotel, reports to Martha Berry that the representatives from her school were pleased with their visit to the hotel and are welcome back the following witner along with Miss Berry herself.

Berry accepts an offer of young long leaf pine trees from Hawkins.

Albert Shaw, Jr. from The American Review of Reviews asks Martha Berry for information about the author of a submitted manuscript, Mr. Elwood I. Terry. Terry's manuscript contains a theory that if whiskey can be utilized for medicinal purposes moonshiners should be permitted to make it under governmental supervision. Shawinquires as to how Berry is doing and says he would like to visit Mount Berry again soon.

Miss Edith Wycoff is writing Miss Martha Berry in regards to a man who is interested in her work. The man's name is anonymous.



Mrs. Harney addresses some issues she is having with the purchase of towels from The Berry Schools



Martha Berry asks Mrs. Hammond not to get involved with the "Mother's Building" -- she is no longer enthusiastic about the project and does not think Mrs. Inman needs to seek support outside the south. Berry hopes that the Pilgrims will donate money for a guesthouse.


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