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Peabody is advised that Martha Berry will be away from the school on the dates that he wishes for Martha Parrott to visit, but that it will be possible for someone else to meet with her.

Peabody encloses a letter to James Hardy Dillard that details travel plans for Martha Parrott, who planned to start a girl's school in Salonica, Greece. In addition to spending time with Dillard, Peabody wishes for Parrott to visit the Berry Schools, along with visits to the Rabun Gap-Nacooche School, Tuskeegee Institute, Fort Valley (possibly Fort Valley High and Industrial School, then affiliated with the American Church Institute for Negroes of the Protestant Episcopal Church), and "Bruce Payne at Nashville" (Payne was then President of the George Peabody College for Teachers). In the letter to Dillard, Peabody also advises about his plans to visit Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute at Founders Day.

Peabody hopes that Frederick M. Snyder will be able to visit Berry while he is in Rome as a Chautauqua lecturer.

Peabody is anxious for Miss Pardee to visit and asks if it will be possible to spend a night at Mount Berry on the way to Atlanta.

Telegram to Martha Berry from George Foster Peabody asking if he and Miss Pardee can stay with her on May 1.

Waite acknowledges Berry's letter to her sick father and the accidents that have beset Miss Berry's family and she expresses her sympathy.

A letter from George Foster Peabody to Martha Berry in regards to the Pictorial Review. He offers some advice to Martha Berry and asks for copies of the 1926 and 1927 reports of Mount Berry.

Berry thanks Alston for the information passed on from Mrs. Milton. Berry is excited about the table and chairs the Alstons will be sending, and tells her of George Foster Peabody's visit.

Alston writes in response to a letter from George Foster Peabody, supplying names and addresses of several prospective donors. He also encourages Berry to resubmit her application for the Pictorial Review award.

This document appears to be a transcript of a chapel talk or speech Mr. Peabody gave at the Berry Schools. He speaks of the privilege it is to be involved with the Berry Schools and praises Miss Berry's work as well as the hard work of the students. He talks about the importance of prayer in the difficult times after the war and the love God shows his people.

Peabody congratulates Berry on her success, as described in her 1925 report. He recalls a visit to the school and wishes he could have provided additional support.

Letter to George F. Peabody from Martha Berry asking him to make a contribution to the schools in order for them to rebuild the dormitory that burned down.

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