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The Garden Club of America writes to tell Miss Berry of their new program called the Ambler Committee which is raising money to update the equipment for their gardening school which teaches women how to take care of the gardens at the Garden Club of America. They ask for donations large or small before the annual meeting in July.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Prentice, the 5th vice president of The Garden Club of America, to invite the Garden Club to visit The Berry Schools when they are in Atlanta. She explains that the grounds and gardens at The Berry Schools are beautiful and well-kept, and that her home is across the street and has wonderful hedges of boxwood, which she is "sure the Club would enjoy seeing."

In this letter Martha Berry asks that when the Garden Club of America comes to Atlanta that they stop at the Berry Schools.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mrs. Thorne that she hopes the Garden Club of America will come visit Berry for a day when they come to Atlanta.

Letter to Mrs. John S. Newbold from Martha Berry asking her as well as the Garden Club of America to visit the schools while they are in Atlanta. She offers to show her the gardens around the campus as well as at her home, Oak Hill.

Martha Berry hopes that Mrs. Martin will visit the Berry schools when the Garden Club comes to Atlanta. She is sure that the club will love to see the gardens at Oak Hill.

Martha Berry requests that when the Garden Club of America comes to Atlanta they spend a day at Berry. She notes the grounds are well kept and her old colonial house with beautiful gardens and wonderful hedges of boxwood are worth seeing. Berry indicates the roads are well paved all the way from Atlanta.

Sarah Tod Bulkley writes to thank Martha Berry for the Christmas "cotton flowers" and to say that she will read Berry's letter inviting the Garden Club of America to visit Berry at the club's next board meeting.

Martha Berry writes of her plans to spend time at Tate and the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and asks Neal to join her.

Miss Berry asks for advice on how she could attend the Garden Club of America in May.

Mrs. Sisson invites Martha Berry to the initial meeting of the Garden Clubs of Georgia. She then provides Miss Berry with all the details surrounding the event.

Letter to Martha Berry from Mrs. John H. Lynch, secretary, informing Miss Berry that at the last meeting of the Garden Club of America she was unanimously elected a member-at-large of the organization. Miss Berry is also informed that the bulletin would be mailed to her and that her dues will follow in due course. In conclusion, she hopes that their new connection will be helpful to both parties.

Inquiry to see if member of Garden Club yet. Also, expresses need for the schools first gymnasium.

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