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This appears to be a letter stating that Mrs. Amy Noble Maurer, of Chicago will be a speaker on a campus. It also appears to be encouraging the Garden Club to support the speaker, and promote the lecture.

Berry has just returned from a Garden Club meeting in Virginia, where she saw Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. The Fords did not mention Berry, but have purchased land near Savannah where they may intend to start a school. Martha Berry also wants to make a trip to Warm Springs Georgia to see Governor Roosevelt.

In this letter Martha Berry asks Mrs. Harrison if the Garden Club will visit the Berry Schools when they visit Atlanta.

Martha writes that then Garden Club will make a trip to Berry when they come visit in Atlanta.

Martha writes to Mrs. Bulkley hoping that when the Garden Club comes to Atlanta they will spend a day at the Berry Schools as they are worth seeing.

Berry writes Cridland upon her return from Europe, where she visited beautiful estates there and in England. She describes Oakhill as 'pathetic' by comparison and declares that should would like to see Cridland soon to discuss changes which must be made to her gardens.


Martha writes back to Mrs. Bonnyman to tell her that she would be glad to take Nick's Daughter, and instructs her to have her send in her application. Martha also informs her that three of the Faith Cottage girls graduated that Mrs. Bonnyman will remember.

Mrs. Simmons sends a check for $400 on behalf of the Dearborn Garden Club.

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