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Berry invites Kellogg to speak at Berry. She informs Kellogg that her niece Frances Wright Ball is recuperating from the operation he recommended and asks him to give her a special rate so that she can spend time at the Battle Creek Sanitarium.

Berry writes about a pink dress ordered by her niece, Martha Wright.

A letter from Martha Berry asking Howard Kelly to try and find out information on Berry's sick niece. Berry shows her concern for her niece and hopes to find out news about her soon.

Berry describes the labor of Frances Wright Ball, who delivered her baby on January 24th, and named the child after Dr. Howard Kelly, who had helped Mrs. Ball during her pregnancy while Mr. Ball was away on business.

Hollenback's nephew, Louis Twyeffort, has endowed a memorial scholarship in honor of his brother John Gooding Twyeffort. Berry remembers the sadness of the death of "Baby John" and tells Hollenback the scholarship is the best memorial he could have. Berry reports on Frances Ball's kidney operation at Johns Hopkins Hosptial.

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