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Carlson encloses a letter from Batson-Cook regarding rumors of a new building at Berry funded by Henry Ford.

A letter describing that, however wonderful Henry Ford's gift was, it did not alleviate all need at the school.

An editorial from the Atlanta Constitution that discuss Henry Ford's gift to the Berry Schools. The editorial writers point out that Ford Buildings will actually increase school expenses so that Berry's supporters must continue to aid the schools.

Hope plans to visit the school while she is in Atlanta and asks to see the Ford buildings.

Berry complains that the school is suffering from the "wrong kind of publicity" and describes the Ford buildings at the Girls School as burdensome because they are not endowed. She asks Hollenback for the address of Louis Twyeffort, who has promised to endow a day in memory of his brother. She wishes she could see Hollenback.

Martha Berry praises Mrs. Hammond for her work with the Pilgrimages. She expresses some surprise that Mrs. Landenberg will be on the visit since she is "so purely society". She also sends her sympathies about the death of Mr. Macy and hopes Mrs. Ladd will donate a building in his memory. She says the boys really need a science and agriculture building, especially now that the girls have such a wonderful facility provided by Mr. Ford.

Miss Berry writes to Mr. Carlisle to ask him to be present at the annual trustees meeting and acknowledges that he may be unable since he just recently made the trip to Berry. She explains that there are crowds of guests probably coming just to see the Ford buildings and that Mr. Byers has been very helpful with publicity work.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Booth for her interest in the work but explains to her that the Ford buildings only meet some of the needs of the three schools which are more in need than ever.

Charles Adamson writes Miss Berry about some articles he wrote for the Rome and Atlanta papers that he hoped would catch the eye of Henry Ford and lead to starting an endowment fund. He also explains how Bayler University worked with insurance companies to establish an endowment through having their life insurance premiums connected to the university.

Martha Berry writes to Charles Adamson urging him to write a letter to the newspaper clearing up the Berry Schools' financial situation. She thinks the publicity about the Ford Buildings had convinced people that the school no longer needed funding.

Martha Berry writes that she regrets missing the Edison celebration, but she had to go to Europe (Northeim). She also writes about how she appreciates Mrs Edison's interest and her introduction to Henry Ford. She invites Mrs Edison to visit and see the Ford buildings and writes about how she would love to visit the Edisons

Mr. Hoge writes to Mr. Liebold enclosing the statement from Coolidge and Carson with the bills paid for heating and structural engineering. He discusses matters laid out in the Form of Agreement and other monetary matters with the new building.


E. G. Liebold, General Secretary to Henry Ford, sends a check for $13,170.13 in response to the statement submitted by Coolidge & Carlson.


Berry responds to a letter from Ford with details about the weather, visitors to the school who admired the Ford Buildings, taking dolls to mountain children, and Martha Freeman's health. Berry requests a painting of Henry Ford for the dining room.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Henry Ford referencing recent hospitality and also the Ford Buildings as well as other fundraising events attended.

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