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Shaw commiserates with Berry about the misrepresentation of Henry Ford's support of the schools, telling her that only correct affirmation of the facts can contradict the effects of the misinformation. He and Mrs. Shaw hope to be able to visit soon.

Berry asks Shaw's advice about how to respond to an article from the local paper that misrepresents Henry Ford's support of the school. She hopes the Shaw family is well and able to visit soon.

A letter describing that, however wonderful Henry Ford's gift was, it did not alleviate all need at the school.

Martha writes to Mr. Pentecost about an article in the Rome paper and points out the issues with the statements in the paper, that Ford did not give five million to the school, or help with the purchase of her home place from her sisters. She notes that this is a great deal of harm to the school and implores Mr. Pentecost to Mr. Money of the paper for an apology from the paper as they seem to be writing out of spite.

Martha writes to Cora with an article from the Rome paper which she would be interested in about the "Ford boom." She mentions she doesn't know if she will be well enough to go to New York on the 29th.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Jackson saying that it was wonderful to hear his voice on the phone and that she sent him all the literature they have. She explains that Mr. Ford only gave them the buildings and several cars and trucks. She says that they're still suffering from the Ford boom and the editor of the Rome Tribune won't retract the article. She says that she is looking forward to his article and tells him that she will help him with whatever he needs.

Marion M. Jackson says that he would be happy to help her with publicity, saying that he has already spoken with Alston and Maddox so he is familiar with the situation and is already at work. He discusses the incorrect article in the Rome News-Tribune as well as the Ford gifts.

Letter to Mrs. John Henry Hammond from Martha Berry about a false article about the Ford donations in the Rome paper.

Miss Berry explains the situation with false publicity and the "Ford boom" and asks Mr. Gunby to write an article explaining the situation to Atlanta from the perspective of a Berry graduate. Miss Berry thinks this will be extremely helpful, and asks him not to quote her or say that she asked him to write. She also asks him to call a meeting of the Atlanta Berry Club to explain the situation Berry is facing.

Miss Berry speaks of the wonderful time she had with Mrs. Eagan and the children and mentions a photograph of them. She explains that the Fords gave a gift of buildings at the Girl's School but not at any of the others. Miss Berry says she misses Mr. Eagan's advice at times like this because he always knew how to handle such situations. She asks Mrs. Eagan to speak with Mr. Caldwell.

Letter from Baptist minister S.F. Conrad asking Martha Berry for information about the Mt. Berry Schools on behalf of possible interested parents. References to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford making a donation of 1 million dollars to the Mt. Berry School.



Berry writes to Carlisle about her upcoming visit to the Berry Schools, the suffering of the Berry Schools from the "Ford boom", and Berry's upcoming visit to New York.

Letter from Mr. F S Cantrell regarding a letter from Mr.& Mrs. W. J. Jones requesting Miss Berry to give the Commencement Address at Pineland College.

Berry is in bed with a cold, but plans a trip to New York for a lunch with Emily Vanderbilt Hammond. Berry hopes that Campbell and her daughter Virginia will be at the lunch as well.

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