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Martha Berry receives a postcard from a friend informing her that Ford General Motors had Berry students at their exhibit building at the World's Fair.

Chambers requests license tag numbers from vehicles the recently donated to The Berry Schools from the Ford Motor Company, a Model A and a Model AA.

This letter is regarding a freight bill and bill of lading from Ford Motor Company.

E. H. Hoge thanks Mr. Campsall for the shipment of thirty-six tons of Sulphate and Ammonia from Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company. The shipment cost came to $2689.40 according to the Central Georgia Railway. Hoge greatly appreciates the kindness from Mr. Ford and assures him that they enjoyed his most recent visit.

Hoge acknowledges receipt of 67 barrels of flour and asks for details about a stump puller received in a shipment of tractors from the Ford Motor Company.


This is a letter addressed to Martha about meeting possibly with Mr. Liebold at Ford Motors. It is a confirmation that a letter from her a received.

Martha Berry writes George Burns to let him know that the $2 left in her car has been turned in and credited to general expenses. She mentions his recent trip to Berry and hopes that he and their friends are not worn out from the visit.

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