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A letter from G. Leland Green to Martha Berry, referencing the continuing feud between the schools and the music instructor, Mr. Beaschler. He wishes for the impolite notes to cease, and also that Miss Warden be allowed to do her work with freedom.

The Executive Committee instructs Mr. Beaschler (one of the music instructors) to be more cooperative with the other music instructors in providing music for special occasions at the school.

Mr. Skinner opens by posing the problem of an unequal distribution of student labor on campus. He says that, even though the demand for labor has increased, the supply has decreased with the closure of two dorms and lays out the statistics for this fact. The shortage in student workers has forced the foreman running their work with half the number of laborers. School events and socials, which the department would see denying the students attendance unreasonable, further decrease their numbers, especially since they are not informed when students are involved in such events. He asks that this issues be addressed and that some manner of consistency be reached in student scheduling.

Letter stating to not let any private orders be placed by department heads.

This document is a letter from the Members of the Board from The Berry Schools to the Social Register Association in New York in which The Berry Schools ask for quotes concerning the lowest prices for numerous Social Registers in different cities. The document proceeds to talk about how the schools have educated thousands of rural southerners and ends with a request for any amount of money. The next paper represents a picture of Georgia that shows where Mt. Berry is as well as naming the Executive and General committees.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mr. Stockwell that Mr. Gurley was asked to leave by the Executive Committee.

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