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Miss Berry explains the situation with false publicity and the "Ford boom" and asks Mr. Gunby to write an article explaining the situation to Atlanta from the perspective of a Berry graduate. Miss Berry thinks this will be extremely helpful, and asks him not to quote her or say that she asked him to write. She also asks him to call a meeting of the Atlanta Berry Club to explain the situation Berry is facing.

In this letter Gunby sends an Anniversary Greeting for Martha Berry and the School.

Berry writes to her niece Frances Ball, who is in the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Berry discusses Ball's health, saying she wishes for her to have the best care and that she is anxious to do anything she can for her. Berry sends news of Christmas, the baby's presents and development, and visitors to Oak Hill for the holiday. She suggests that Ball order something to eat from Miss Gilmer at The Little Inn as it will be better than the hospital food.

Berry writes to Maddox to clarify for financial statements that Henry Ford has not purchased her home, a rumor she suggests may have been started in Rome.

This is a personal letter which was sent to a Mr. Eugene Gunby. Berry thanks Eugene for his sympathy then talks about how she misses her mother and how she is glad that she still has the Berry Schools to work for. Last, this letter is is signed: faithfully your friend.

Appeal tells the story of Eugene who is begging for an education so that he can preach the Gospel. John D. Williams provided $100 for expenses.

This letter is from George Tyson to Martha Berry regarding a check. The letter discusses a potential student named Eugene, likely Eugene Gunby.

Ida writes to Martha on behalf of herself and Maud Moherman with a donation to help Eugene.

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