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Wheeler regrets that she cannot send money, but does send one of the books the library needs from the list in the Southern Highlander. She alerts Berry to the death of Miss Whitfield and sends news of the illness of Anna Grimes, her companion's daughter.

Martha Berry writes about creating endowed days for Estelle Whitfield who has recently passed, and for Mrs. Gertrude Rice, whose name meant much to Berry in its early days. Martha Berry expresses her sympathy, and she explains how endowed days help keep children in school.

Miss Berry writes about Estelle Whitfield's death and her hope that they could endow a day in her memory. She also writes about her niece's wedding to Prince Chiga.


Carnegie is inspired by Emily Vanderbilt Hammond's pamphlet about her pilgrimage to Berry to endow September 17, her sister's birthday.

Martha Berry expresses her sympathy to Mrs. Carnegie about the recent death of their friend Estelle Whitfield.

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