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A letter written to Martha Berry to inform her of the death of Mrs. Thor of England.

Letter to George Eastman from Martha Berry thanking him for the Kodak he sent to the schools and informing him of it's many uses around campus. However, she also asks if he might send them a moving picture machine. She addresses that her request might seem ungrateful to thank him for one gift and then ask for another. However, she admits that she jus returned from England and witnessed all the good he was doing over there and thought he could find it in his heart to give them a moving picture machine. She argues that it will help her raise money for the schools because she will be able to capture the work as it is happening.

A list of addresses is compiled of donors from both England and France.

A list is compiled of the addresses of donors from both England and France.

Berry reports on fundraising and seeks Hammond's advice about starting a campaign.

A donation solicitation letter to Mrs. K. K. Elmhirst for financial assistance due to school deficits. She makes references to educational methods about a similar school supported by the Elmhirsts in England and previous financial support.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Duckworth's son for his gift and informs them on some weddings that will be happening during the summer.



Invitation to Mr. Walpole to visit Berry Schools while on a visit to Shorter College in Rome, GA.

In this letter Martha Berry is asking Mrs. L. K. Elmhirst for a donation to help pay for the dormitory that recently burned down in a fire.

Anna Bogue, secretary to Mrs. Elmhirst, writes to Martha Berry to inform her that they have forwarded the letter Martha Berry wrote to Mrs. Elmhirst.

Anna Bogan, secretary to Mrs. Elmhirst, has written Miss Berry a letter to inform her that Mrs. Elmhirst is still abroad and Miss Bogan herself will soon be joining her in England. She expresses her sympathy regarding the dormitory fire and explains that Mrs. Elmhirst will not be able to contribute at this time but perhaps will later in the year.

Emily Hammond asks Martha Berry if the one-thousand dollars she recently sent for the gymnaisium could go to rebuilding the dormitory instead. She also sends donations from Rachel Hammond May, Mrs. Richards D. Brixey, and Martha B. Whitney.


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