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A letter explaining that the attached check was initially a birthday present for Mrs. Hope but she wanted to donate it to Berry.


A letter expressing Martha's appreciation for all the work Emily Hammond does for Berry and for the $5,000 gift.


A letter telling Martha Berry that Mrs. Shoemaker and her friends are willing to host some of the Berry boys and members of faculty to go to a camp that Oxford is having in Pocono, PA for 10 days.

Emily Hammond writes to Martha Berry thanking her for her letter and box of daffodils. She promises to send the names of the Berry Pilgrims and encloses a check for the Berry articles she bought and a copy of Affirmations.


Letter and check from Emily Hammond regarding a check from Mrs. Gilbert Kinney who was interested in Martha Berry's work at Berry schools and that she has 12 other people who are interested in the school and taking trips to Berry.

Receipt for $100 contribution from Zark Pritchard, sent in by Emily Vanderbilt Hammond.

Letter from Mrs. Prendergast to Miss Martha Berry encouraging her to write to Dr. Keigwin, whose wife left him $300,000 when she passed away, and introduce him to the Berry Schools. She also sends her love to Inez. Her handwritten note at the bottom of the letter says that Miss Berry and Mrs. Hammond are a team no one can resist and mentions a tea held in New York City.

Berry expresses her delight that Inez will be able to make a trip to Chautauqua, and that Emily Vanderbilt Hammond will be there as well. She thanks Pennybacker for visiting the school and informs her that Inez has received the Chautauqua bulletin.

Martha Berry is upset to hear that Mrs. Hope is not doing well, but hopes that she will come to visit while in the South.

Letter to Bessie MacLuman from Martha Berry thanking her for the gift that she sent to the schools, via Mrs. Hammond. Miss Berry informs her that it is a great comfort to know that whenever the schools are in trouble that she can count on her friends. She also informs her about the status of the schools. She says that the school is filled to capacity and that they still have young people that want to come but that they don't have room for. She thanks Mrs. MacLuman again.

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