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Berry thanks Shaw for the gift he sent and asks for his opinion on a manuscript written by someone at Berry about the Berry schools. She apologizes for not seeing Mrs. Shaw while she was in New York City.

Berry sends a letter to Mrs. Shaw about when they met each other and what a great pleasure it was. Also she asks Mrs. Shaw to come up to the Berry schools and stay in the guest rooms, explaining that there are two English nurses on campus that can take care of Mrs. Shaw.

Berry invites the Shaws to visit, telling him of the delightful guest house and two English nurses who could care for Mrs. Shaw. Berry thanks Shaw for the space given to the school in the "Golden Book" and wishes him a happy Christmas.

Albert Shaw, editor of the American Review of Reviews, sends a $100.00 donation to the Berry Schools and informs Miss Berry of Mrs. Shaw's poor health. He hopes that Berry was pleased with the page about the school in the January "Golden Book."

Elisabeth B. Shaw informs Martha Berry that she will not be able to attend the commencement this year.

Shaw commiserates with Berry about the misrepresentation of Henry Ford's support of the schools, telling her that only correct affirmation of the facts can contradict the effects of the misinformation. He and Mrs. Shaw hope to be able to visit soon.

Miss Berry writes to ask Mr. and Mrs. Shaw to visit the Berry Schools on their way to Florida. She also encloses "The Tenth Generation."

Shaw writes to send his donation of $1,000 to the Schools and to express his regret at being unable to visit Miss Berry while she was in New York.

Martha Berry encloses an article about donations from John D. Rockefeller to the Rabun Gap Industrial School and the Nacoochee Institute, schools she refers to as failures, and seeks Albert Shaw's aid in making Berry's case to Rockefeller. She also suggests that Shaw might interest financier and philanthropist George F. Baker in donating to Berry. She is eager to establish a million dollar endowment for Berry, referring to a failed plan for Mr. Ochs to make such a donation.

Shaw, editor of the American Review of Reviews, contributes on behalf of himself, his wife, and their two sons, who he hopes one day will have incomes sufficient to enable them to contribute directly.

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