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William Starr Myers informs Berry that he has referred her question to Rev. Dr. Charles R. Erdman, who he hopes has been in touch with her. He encloses a copy of a book on Japan written by one of his students, and provides news of visitors and family.

Martha Berry tells Ladd about the visit by the Pilgrims and the gift commitments they made. Berry says that the boys are delighted with the photograph Ladd sent of herself for Lemley Hall, but that she is jealous and wants one for herself.

The author is unclear, since one item refers to Martha Berry in third person and several items refer to "we". A catalog of dinners and meetings during a trip to New York, acknowledgement letters needed, prospective donors, and excerpts from speeches made at a "Negro Schools Program" held at Carnegie Hall.

Berry will be glad to see Achelis and to go with her to hear Dr. Norwood when she is in New York later in November.

Achelis makes arrangements for Berry's coming visit, including dinner at the Hotel Roosevelt. She asks Berry to send copies of the Sunday Lady and encloses an inspiring document.

Berry thanks Achelis for sending a dictionary and reports on the beginning of the fall term. She hopes to visit New York soon and see Achelis while she is there.

Letter enclosing a receipt for the basket Achelis ordered.

The basket Achelis ordered was in stock and sent to Mr. Rouland shortly after she supplied the dimensions she desired.

Achelis expresses her concern about Bessie Berry Wright's automobile accident and reports that Mr. and Mrs. Myers have returned to Princeton. Achelis encloses a clipping and writes about her admiration for Herbert Hoover and her opinion that Prohibition should be changed. She has renewed three magazine subscriptions for the Berry library and inquires about the status of the basket for Mr. Rouland.

Berry thanks Achelis for the book about Herbert Hoover, saying that she is interested in his career and plans to vote for him.

Achelis provides details about the basket she has ordered to be sent to Mr. Rouland.

Achelis responds to Berry's letter that the basket she gave as a wedding present to her sister is the size she wishes to order now. She wishes she could be at the school to enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables, and asks if Berry takes time for "resting and dreaming" at the house on Lavendar Mountain.

Berry responds to Achelis's letter, saying that her summer in Georgia has left her "so sunburned and freckled that you would not know me." She has been making frequent trips into the mountains, which are tiring but enriching. Berry wishes Achelis were there to enjoy the peaches and hopes that the basket that was sent suits her needs.

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