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Miss Berry speaks of the wonderful time she had with Mrs. Eagan and the children and mentions a photograph of them. She explains that the Fords gave a gift of buildings at the Girl's School but not at any of the others. Miss Berry says she misses Mr. Eagan's advice at times like this because he always knew how to handle such situations. She asks Mrs. Eagan to speak with Mr. Caldwell.

Joseph Parsons sends his regrets that he and Mrs. Parsons will not be able to accept Martha Berry's invitation to visit. He also expresses his regards for Mr. and Mrs. Eagan.



A letter from Martha Berry to J. R. McWane encouraging him to come visit the Berry Schools with his wife.

Martha Berry sends Mrs. Kirk her sympathy in regards to the loss of Mr. Kirk. She says that he has been a wonderful friend, and provided an aid when Mr. Eagen went.

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