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Martha Berry writes to Emily Hammond to tell her that the Berry Schools wants to pursue a four year college course. Berry wants Hammond to receive the first degree from Berry. She expresses interest in Dr. Norwood and [R]ollins College. She also mentions students who have gone from Berry to Antioch College.

Miss Ricciardi writes to thank the Berry Schools for the opportunity to hear Dr. Norwood's talk and to enclose a gift for magazine subscriptions.

Martha Berry writes to Dr. Norwood thanking him for his speech that he gave at the Berry Schools. She tells him that his words will stay with them for years.

Augusta Hope describes to Miss Berry the first time Dr. Norwood discussed the schools at the Berry Pilgrims meeting at Mrs. Hammond's house. Hope mentions the Gates of Opportunity Miss Berry opened for "the rich and to the poor" and for "the high and to the low".

Letter discusses planned trips that summer for Inez and Martha Berry. Letter mentions Rachel's wedding pictures.

Martha Berry asks for a copy of Dr. Norwood's speech about the Berry School and thanks Hammond for the party she brought this year.

Martha Berry thanks Emily Vanderbilt Hammond for the recent visit of the Pilgrims to campus, describing the inspiration she and the students took from the visitors. Berry wishes Hammond could have accompanied her on a visit to the "homes on the mountainside" and writes of planning her own pilgrimage there. Berry describes a visit to the little cabin -- "the home of all my dreams and loving prayers for the Berry Schools."

Berry thanks Hammond for her check. Berry speaks on how building the new dormitory is going and says she cannot go to Rachel's wedding unless something changes at the last minute. Kate Macy Ladd's nurse suggested that Ladd might be interested in contributing to the Foundation School.

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