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In this personal letter to Hammond, Berry discusses the progress at Pilgrim Hall and her honorary doctorate from the University of North Carolina. She states that she would love to have Mr. Cutting come visit the school, and asks her for her help in persuading him. She speaks of her hopes for a gift of at least $1 million from Mr. Ford, in place of one Mr. Ochs promised.

Martha Berry invites Dr. Chase to visit Berry during his trip to the University of North Carolina and Georgia and discusses travel arrangements.

Letter to Mrs. Henry Ford from Martha Berry sending her regrets that she did not see Mrs. Ford when she passed through Rome on her way home. She informs Mrs. Ford that she hopes that the next time she comes South that she will stop at the Berry Schools because Miss Berry has so much to talk over with her. Miss Berry also expressed her hopes that Mr. and Mrs. Ford can attend the 35th anniversary of the schools on January 13th. She mentions that Dr. Chase, from New York University, will be the speaker at the chapel service and that they will be eating in the Ford Dining room as well as gathering in the Ford Gym. Miss Berry also mentions that they are eager to have Mr. Cameron to come and speak at the schools as well and that they all enjoy his radio broadcasts very much. She also expresses a wish to see Mr. and Mrs. Ford's house in Savannah. She then closes the letter once again expressing her deep desire to have the Fords attend the 35th anniversary of the schools.


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