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Telegram to Martha Berry from Edith B. Joyner requesting to know the time of Martha Berry's arrival and where she will be staying.

Edith B. Joynes asks when Miss Berry will be arriving for the Monday meeting, and offers to meet her train and take her to lunch. She closes the letter with a request for a quick reply and informs Miss Berry of her lodgings.

Agnes Winn sends a box of clothing to the Berry Schools. She also informs Martha Berry that Mrs. Joynes and herself will be arriving in Atlanta on Wednesday morning and hope to visit the schools on that day.

The first letter is from Edith Joynes, the President of the Department of Classroom Teachers, to Miss Berry. She asks that she attend a dinner a few nights after she addresses the department. The second letter is Miss Berry's response. She replies that she will attend if at all possible.

A letter from Martha Berry informing Mrs. Joynes about the sent telegraph to Agnes Winn. She also states that she might be present at the meeting in Atlanta.

Edith B. Joynes says she is excited to hear that Martha Berry will be speaking to members of the Department of Classroom Teachers of the N.E.A. She requests that Martha Berry sends her picture to Miss Agnes Winn to be used in the news bulletin.

Request from Edith B. Joynes for Miss Berry to address teachers at meeting in Atlanta and be in the May News Bulletin of the National Education Association of the United States.

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