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Berry writes that she is just back from Mentone and has received an invitation to visit Mrs. Ford. She asks Campbell's plans and says they must go some place together.

Martha writes to Cora with an article from the Rome paper which she would be interested in about the "Ford boom." She mentions she doesn't know if she will be well enough to go to New York on the 29th.

Berry is sorry to have missed Neal during her recent trip to New York, but wants to see her during her return visit in the winter.

Martha Berry writes of her plans to spend time at Tate and the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and asks Neal to join her.

Neal has been ill and at times depressed. Her stocks have not been successful and she could not afford to go to Washington for the inauguration. She asks Berry to "keep after" Gordon Keown to sell her house and lot.

Berry reports that there has been much illness, including flu and a measles epidemic. Two boys have died, one by electrocution. She thanks Neal for sending money, asking that she let Berry know of any deficit since she does not want Neal to lose money in the investment.

Hammond provides a fundraising update and says that she will do her best to go on the April 15 Pilgrimage.

Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for how she and her secretary operate their business system. She tells Mrs. Hammond about the wonderful Christmas Tree they had at Possum Trot. She also tells her about the letters she has received from people who think Berry has raised over two million dollars and that she is going to correct these people in the next Highlander.

This is another reply to Mr. Case's letter in Miss Berry's absence recommending Miss Cora Neal for whatever work she is asked to do.


The Berry Schools returns Mr. Case's letter in Miss Berry's absence and recommends Miss Cora Neal for whatever work she is asked to do.


Mr. Case writes to Miss Berry to ask her for a reference for Miss Cora Neal who is applying for a position in Wall Street. He also reminds her of their meeting the first time Miss Berry went to New York for fundraising.

Pennybacker regrets that since she has sent a letter urging that the Pictorial Review Award be given to Carrie Chapman Catt on the basis of her work for peace, she cannot also support Berry. Pennybacker commits to supporting Berry next year.

Miss Berry suggests to Miss Neal that she should write a letter to Mr. Keown. She believes this will encourage him to raise money for Judge Wright Day.

Miss Martha Berry asks Miss Cora Neal if she could have a watch that she has sent with the letter repaired. It does not keep time. If Miss Neal is unable to have the watch fixed, Miss Berry asks if she could send a new watch, and that she will pay for the difference.

Neal writes in appreciation of having been included in the Berry Birthday Dinner. Now that Berry's birthday is endowed, she wishes to start a fund to endow the birthday of Judge Moses Wright. Neal dreams of working for Berry in New York.

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