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Martha Berry tells Mr. Hoehler that they are still talking about his inspirational commencement address. She says that she is very grateful to him for coming. She also tells him that $25 has been added to the Alumni Loan fund in his name which will be used to buy clothes and essential items for the students.

Martha Berry tells Mr. Hoehler how happy she is to have him speak at Commencement. She says that she hopes he will bring his family with him. She thanks him again and asks if it is true that Mrs. Meacham has passed away.

Miss Berry asks the Secretary to Henry Ford if the Secretary can confirm if Mr Cameron can provide the commencement address.

A letter asking about Mr. Cameron's initial interest in coming to give a Commencement address. The 37th annual commencement exercises for the College and Schools comes on Monday, May 23. She hopes that he will come at that time to participate.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. & Mrs. Jones to inform them that she's unable to perform the Commencement address for Pineland College because she is not doing any public speaking due to illness. She hopes that they are able to find someone else in time.

Letter requesting Miss. Berry to deliver the commencement speech on May 16th. Mr. F.S. Cantrell, one of her boys, is the head of the Education Dept at Pineland.

Martha Berry lets Mr. Davis know that whenever he is able to visit, she would love to have him.

Mr. Davis lets Martha Berry know that he will not be able to give the commencement address, but would like to visit Berry when he is able.

Mr. Quinn's secretary lets Martha Berry know that she will give Mr. Davis her letter upon his return.

Martha Berry would like Mr. Davis to deliver the commencement address.

Martha Berry responds to Harry Clark's previous letter in which he explained why he could not be the Berry School's commencement speaker in May, 1930. Martha Berry thanks Harry Clark and wishes him success in his new job.

Harry Clark (H.C.) thanks Martha Berry for inviting him to give the commencement address at the Berry Schools. This would be H.C.'s second commencement speech, however he is unable to attend because he starts a new job at Judson College (Alabama) and does not want to miss work. Lastly, H.C. requests that Martha Berry invite him to speak at a commencement exercise in the following year.

Henry Clark writes to Martha Berry to inform her that due to his new presidential duties at Judson College he will not be able to give the commencement address.

Mr. Carlisle declines Berry's invitation to commencement.

Letter to Mr. F. S. Cantrell explaining that Miss Berry will be unavailable until after spring term for any conferences.

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