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A thank you letter for selling the display in the Weaving Room for the school and an invitation to come to the Commencement.

Mr Hoehler announces that he will be present at commencement exercise on May 22 and that he will be writing.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Hayes for remembering her on Mothers' Day. She hopes that Miss Hayes will come to Berry for commencement and the alumni banquet. She says that she has not been feeling well but is looking forward to seeing everyone who visits.

A letter inquiring if Mr. Cameron could come to Commencement on the 22nd of May after Mr. and Mrs. Ford had told Martha that he might be able to.

A letter pleading with Mrs. Eagen to use her influence and convince Dr. Kennedy to come be Commencement Speaker.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Holt for the cards he sent and says that they are enjoying them. She thanks him for sending Paul Culbertson back to Berry and informs him that Paul graduated with his class. She says that she was unable to attend Commencement, but that she was glad that Paul graduated and that the class was a great one. She tells Mr. Holt that she is slowly improving, thinks about him often, and hopes that he will visit more. She then thanks Mr. Holt again for sending Paul back to Berry.

A thank you letter for Mrs. Hiss' gift and a summary of commencement week activities at Berry

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Hatfield for gift. She describes the commencement and baccalaureate service, including speakers.

Martha Berry thanks the Graves for their message on Founder's Day and expresses hope that they will visit for commencement or any time that they can. She concludes by wishing them a happy New Year.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Graves for her gift and describes how it helps the students of the Berry Schools. She then details the events of the upcoming commencement week at Berry and expresses her wish that donors to the school could be present to see 129 students graduate.

This letter is expressing the anticipation of the message Dr. Soule will give at commencement. It also gives him a choice of whatever subject he would like to speak on.

In this letter Snelling accepts Martha Berry's invitation to speak at commencement.

A letter from Henry T. Sloane wishing Martha Berry luck for Commencement week.

Berry invites New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt to speak at commencement. She reminds him that he has promised to come and hopes the date will work. She mentions having met his mother recently at luncheon with Mrs. Douglas Robinson.

Governor Roosevelt informs Miss Berry than he cannot come to Commencement this year, as the Legislature's adjournment is uncertain and then he must go to Warm Springs.

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