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Letter reminds Mr. Woodruff of a promise to visit, and discusses it's impact on the boys and girls. She would like him to speak and see the school firsthand.

Letter expresses regret at missing meetings held by Martha Berry and promises to come up to Rome when possible.

Woodruff regrets that he must decline the invitation to attend the 25th anniversary celebration.

Record of Woodruff's $250 contribution to the endowment. Recorded on the reverse of a 1926 solicitation letter.

Letter confirms a stock market sell order from Martha Berry.

E. F. Hutton sold 100 shares of Coca-Cola stock for Martha Berry.

Letter to Mr. Robert W. Woodruff from Martha Berry asking him to come to the trustees meeting as well as the school's commencement.

Mr. Woodruff tells Martha Berry that he will be unable to attend the Trustee meeting and commencement on May 4 due to a Western trip he must take.

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