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Student who lives in Clara Hall speaks about how thankful she is for Berry and she gives some background on herself.

Ms. Earnshaw describes to Martha Berry what must be done for Clara hall to be in good condition.

Estimate of proposed work on Clara Hall by Elsie Cobb Wilson, Inc. Interiors and Antiques, prepared by Margaret Earnshaw.

Berry asks Wingo to have a group of girls in Clara Hall write to Mr. and Mrs. Ford expressing their appreciation for the privilege of living there.

Berry instructs Wingo to devote all energy into getting things at the Girls School, particularly Clara Hall, clean and "in perfect order" in advance of important visitors and a special investigation of the dining room and kitchen.

Martha Berry writes that she regrets missing the Edison celebration, but she had to go to Europe (Northeim). She also writes about how she appreciates Mrs Edison's interest and her introduction to Henry Ford. She invites Mrs Edison to visit and see the Ford buildings and writes about how she would love to visit the Edisons

Ford writes Berry to explain that she has not yet sent the portrait for Clara Hall, named for Clara Ford, because she has not yet had time to have it framed.


Miss Berry writes to say that she is withdrawing her consent for teachers and students to have visitors in Clara Hall or the refectory.

Berry provides Hanson with official notice that visitors are not allowed in the Dining Hall kitchen, Clara Hall. No one is allowed to come into any buildings or walk on the grass.

Martha writes to Mrs. Ford with an update about the goings on with the school, that the girls look forward to the portrait and a place to hang it. Martha writes that they are having trouble getting interest due to people believe they have money that the school does not have.

A letter from Martha Berry to Robert Cridland regarding Clara Hall. She tells Mr. Cridland that she has not yet received the key to Clara or the sun dial and requests that they be sent to her as soon as possible.

Martha writes to Mr. Carlson to explain that Mr. Ford was distressed over the looks of Clara hall and that something needs to be done to remedy the problem.

Martha Berry reminds M. A. Harrington that he said he would "push" the order for the living room at Clara Hall but she has no evidence that the order has gone through. She says that the friends that are interested in the room will be there soon and she needs to get it finished as soon as possible. She asks Mr. and Mrs. Harrington to come visit and teach the girls how to make the rugs. She says that she feels the living room is too much responsibility for her because the interested people know a lot about furniture and will be paying attention to every detail. She asks Mr. Harrington to take care of it.

H.J. Carlson sends Martha Berry some building plans to extend Clara Hall southward. Carlson says he has included photographs and perspectives of the plans. Carlson estimates the plan to cost $500,000 and $550,000 with furniture.

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