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Berry writes that she is just back from Mentone and has received an invitation to visit Mrs. Ford. She asks Campbell's plans and says they must go some place together.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Carlisle for sending Mr. Byers and Miss Earnshaw because they have been and will be such helps. She also mentions Mr. and Mrs. Ford's visit and that they brought Sir Wilfred Crenfall and Lady Crenfall.

Returning of a shawl sample that was sent to Mr. Frank Campsall, for Mrs. Ford. The letter asks if he could let them know the color she would like and also dimensions she would like.


Mr. Campsall explains to Miss Inez Wooten that Mrs. Ford saw shawls on display and wishes to be sent samples and quote prices.


Martha Berry describes her hopes at keeping outside architecture the same on the new Girl's Dormitory.

In this letter Louisa King asks Martha Berry to send her word when she next expects Mr. and Mrs. Ford as she needs to see Mrs. Ford about a mutual interest. She says that Mrs. Ford asked her to join them at Berry but she could not come the last time.

Miss Berry sitting with Mr. and Mrs. Ford in a dining hall.


Photograph containing Mrs. & Mr. Ford with male Berry students in the background.


Helen Forbes reports on a conversation with Henry and Clara Ford while at Battle Creek Sanitarium during the National Conference on Race Betterment.

Martha writes to Mrs. Ford saying that she would be glad to have her visit Berry over the summer.

Martha Berry wrote this letter informing Mrs. Ford that she appreciates the invitation to visit. Miss Berry also said that she would love to stop by and visit Mr. & Mrs. Ford for the day if she is available.

Miss Berry tells Mrs. Ford that she will stop by on her way to Battle Creek to visit her.

Berry provides advance notice of a planned visit to Detroit and looks forward to seeing Mr. and Mrs. Ford.


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