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Anna V. Crawford, partially out of gratitude for a Christmas gift of cotton and somewhat out of charity, is sending Miss Berry a check, so as to aid in the reconstruction necessary following the recent storm.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mr. and Mrs. Couch for their Christmas donation.

A letter thanking Mr. Dew for his Christmas gift and expressing Martha Berry's excitement to see him and Mrs. Dew on a visit to the schools in the future.

Martha Berry expresses her gratitude for Mr. Holt's tremendous monetary contribution to the Possum Trot children in a time of great need. She includes the thanks of the children and a description of their Christmas celebration.

In this letter Martha Berry tells W. Hilliard that her Christmas gift exemplified the season of "good will toward men".

A letter of thanks from Mrs. Green to Martha Berry for the Christmas present of a pretty plant. She goes on to describe how happy her and her family are there at Berry during the Christmas season. She writes of the great Christmas spirit and joy that Berry brings to the holidays, and their great happiness in being apart of it. She mentions losing her mother earlier that year, and also describes her mother's great love and dedication to the school as well.

Helen Fotheringham writes to let Martha Berry know she is making a skirt and blouse as a Christmas gift for one of the Berry student's who can use them.

In this letter Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Clippert for the Christmas package she sent, and tells her of the hard work the school children were doing.

Letter from Harriet S. Whittelsey to Miss Berry, in appreciation for a cake which was sent with Christmas greetings, and making a $300 donation.

Mrs. Grace F. Miller sends Martha Berry a small Christmas gift.

Adelaide M. Megeath writes to Martha Berry to donate $100 and commend her for the work she does at the schools. She also thanks Martha Berry for the cotton she received and informs her that her daughter Virginia got married and changed her name. She says that she has always wanted to visit the schools but has never been able to.

Letter from J. L. Bobe in appreciation of the Christmas sweets.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Edwards for the oranges he sent and she hopes he and Mrs. Edwards will come visit the schools.

Martha writes to Mrs. Laughlin to thank her for the gift that she sent to the school for two boys. She also notes that her nephew is also at Princeton and hopes that her nephew and Mrs. Laughlin's son will meet there.

Mrs. Williams thanks Martha Berry for the box of cotton that was sent to her at Christmas time.

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