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Florence Benedict writes to Martha Berry on behalf of the girls at the Kendrick College Preparatory School. The school donates $150 as a Christmas gift to The Berry Schools.

The Nunnally Company is glad to send the Berry Schools candy for Christmas. They let the school know they will send the candy on express on December 19th so it will arrive on the 20th.

Letter from Katharine Ogden, Headmistress of The Liggett School, to Miss Martha Berry enclosing $333.25 in donations from the teachers and students of the Liggett School and notifying her of holiday gifts being sent separately.

Ms. Fairchild wishes a Merry Christmas to Miss Berry and the schools and also sends $5 as a donation.

Julia M. Stout encloses a check for $5 as a Christmas donation to The Berry Schools.

Ms. Lake donates $10 to Martha Berry and also sends well wishes for the holidays.

Letter from Helen E. M. Covell to Miss Berry, enclosing a $25 Christmas offering, as well as a $10 donation from a new "Berry" friend.

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