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Charles writes to Martha with a donation from one of his patients. He also mentions to Martha he will sending a box of clothing in a few days.

Martha Berry telegraphs from New York to ask Miss Bonner to postpone a meeting and to send contact lists for Boston, Hartford, New Haven, and other places in New England.

Mr. Lyman H. Allen, a Trust Officer of the Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co., encloses a $25.00 check donation for the Berry Schools. The donation is from Mr. Watson for the calendar year 1929.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Hammond thanking her for her letter and says that it is so kind of her to try to raise $100,000 of the million dollars. Martha Berry says that she thinks it would be better to start with half a million because she has a friend that promised to give $100,000 if they raise $400,000. She says that she thinks she should try visiting her friends in Boston and that she's greatly enjoyed reading the booklet from the Pilgrim Fifth Annual Trip to Berry.

Martha Berry expresses that she knew Mr. Curtis years ago in his mothers home in Boston, and has always wanted him to visit the Berry schools. She says that he would be interested in the work they are doing.

Berry wishes that Curtis would visit the schools.


This unsigned letter accompanied a list of potential donors to Berry from the Boston area.

Martha Berry tells Carlson that she wishes to have one motto for both the Boys' and Girls' Schools: "Not to be Ministered Unto, but to Minister." She originally had the motto in mind for only the Girls' School, but thinks it would be less confusing to use the same motto for both. Berry also asks Carlson to send her a Boston telephone director to use in verifying the addresses for potential donors.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Stetson talking about her trip to Boston and thanks her for the letter and gift that Mrs. Stetson sent. She mentions how great a deal it means to the boys and girls of the school.

Stetson recalls hearing Berry speak at Old South Church in Boston. In response to a recent appeal she sends funds for a scholarship, mentioning that she is now Episcopalian. Her husband, Caleb R. Stetson, is the Rector of Trinity Church in Manhattan.

Mr. Wight informs the Berry Schools that Mrs. Kingsmill Marrs passed away on September 23, 1926. He asks that her name be taken off of Berry's mailing list.

Mrs. David Little donates $50 to Berry Schools.



A letter to Martha Berry from Ellen A. Wood thanking Berry for the good work she is doing with her students. Wood makes a point to describe the big impact Berry is having on her country.

This letter is a response to an appeal letter sent by Martha Berry. Caroline G. Ross sends twenty five dollars to Martha Berry.



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