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Martha Berry thanks Mr. Martin for allowing her students to hold their Sunshine exhibit at The Bon-Air and asks that he let her know what time they can arrive.

Margaret Campbell writes that she and her mother will visit in March and asks for directions for the best route and hopes that Miss Berry is less tired than she was the last time Margaret saw her.

Miss Berry hopes that Dr. Butler and his family will visit the schools in the winter and asks him to speak to the students at chapel.

The manager, A.E. Martin, of Bon Air-Vanderbilt Hotel, reports to Martha Berry that the representatives from her school were pleased with their visit to the hotel and are welcome back the following witner along with Miss Berry herself.

Letter to Mr. Martin from Martha Berry asking him if she can have an exhibition in his hotel. She also invited him for a visit to the schools.

Miss Berry informs Mr. Martin about her arrival to the Hotel.

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