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A letter informing Mr. John Henry Hammond of his unanimous election to the board of trustees of Berry Schools. She hopes that he will except, because she so strongly values his leadership and generous help he has given Berry throughout the years.


In this letter Martha Berry tells Mr. Finley that the school will be putting on a fair on the 17th and 18th of November. She says that she hopes all of the trustees and their families can come visit.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. John Henry Hammond in appreciation of her telegram at commencement. Miss Berry also mentions her recovery, delays in being able to construct a dormitory, and resignation of Mr. Frank R. Chambers as trustee.


Mrs. Dave H. Morris donates $500.00 to the Berry Schools for covering current expenses.

Mr. Draper informs Martha Berry of what is to come and when he will most likely meet with her.

Miss Berry writes to invite Mr. Stewart to fill his brother's place on Berry's Board of Trustees.

Mr. Stewart writes to say that he appreciates the invitation to be on the board of The Berry Schools but has declined being on any board of any kind since 1900 when he went out of business.

Reports result of Sunshine exhibit held in Augusta and Camden, SC and a couple of new potential benefactors. Mr M Mark watched the Berry moving picture and suggests that Berry have a big company from Atlanta make a movie with sound at Berry. Aseparate page lists the Sunshine sale buyers and the new and potential benefactors they met at the event.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Meacham to say that she hopes he will attend the trustees meeting in May. She also asks if he and Mr. Hoehler could attend Commencement and says that she would be able to take care of them very comfortably.

Martha Berry writes to Standish telling him that there was a wonderful dinner given by Mrs. Hammond with a thousand people. Someone enthusiastically suggested that everyone endow a day, which was then reported in the newspaper. Miss Berry notes that the newspaper seems to think there was a greater amount raised than there actually was. She explains that although people think they have raised a lot of money, they had actually raised less money than ever before. She also inquires as to when Mr. Meacham is going to visit again as it has been such a long time since he has visited.

McGill asks for a conference with either the Board of Trustees or the Executive Committee to discuss matters related to a proposed campaign, suggesting that considerable funds could be raised for the schools.

Mr. McGill informs Martha Berry of the best way to handle matters dealing with the campaign.

Martha Berry lets Mr. McGill know where she sent the campaign contract.

S. W. McGill writes to Martha Berry telling her that the contract for the campaign for two million dollars is ready for whenever the Trustees want to consider it.

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