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Mrs. Eichhorn asks Martha Berry for information about the Berry Schools for a report that she is giving. Mrs. Eichhorn explains that Martha Berry is considered an outstanding woman of the U.S. She explains that she was very impressed by her visit to Berry, but that her pictures and report about the school were lost.

John Dodge asks for details about Berry schools to supply information with inquirers of the school. Such details he is looking for is whether or not the school is a religious school; what is it a preparatory school, high school, or college; what are the requirements for entrance into the school, etc.

A letter explaining to Mrs. Hammond that a reply to Mrs. Shoemaker will be enclosed with this letter.


The Berry Schools staff answers a letter that did not reach Martha Berry due to sickness and travel. At this time, they do not have a forwarding address set up for Martha Berry.

This letter is to Mr. Shaw about sending him some information about the Berry Schools. Martha goes on to talk about how she helps the boys and girls at the school. She tells him that she would be grateful for any gift and that it would be of "untold value."

Berry learned of Osborn's love of trees from Mrs. E.P. Mallory, and invites Osborn to make an appearance at the Berry Schools to talk to the boys and girls.

This letter is to Miss Louise Manning Hodgkins from Miss Martha Berry. Berry apologizes for the delay in answer, attributing it to the holiday bustle. She sends Miss Hodgkins "The Sunday Lady" and "The Story of Berry Schools" for her to use to interest a woman in the work of the Schools.

A letter written by Mrs. Hitchcock where she asks Martha if they may have a few pictures so they may think that the neighborhood children that she teaches may believe that they are helping. Mrs. Hitchcock informs Martha that they will donate money in June and that they may be able to help with clothing for a little girl, she also informs Miss Berry that the name of the club shall be P I T, or Put It Through.

This is a letter to Mrs. William T. Hilles from the Berry Schools. It tells her they can not fulfill her request for a graduate to help her at her house.

Mrs. Hayes, formerly Maude Beard, inquires about Martha Berry's interest in purchasing 30 acres of land near Mountain Springs Church.

Harvey is returning the original sketch of a doily that they sent him and thanking them.

This is a letter accompanied by a check for $5 as a donation to the good work of the Berry Schools.

In this letter Miss Berry explains that the loss of the building to the fire, and that it cannot be immediately replaced due to the needs in the other three school buildings.

A letter to Mrs. Eddy thanking her for her gift that was sent to them by Miss. Wooten. Martha hopes that the new year will be blessed for the young people attending Berry Schools.

A letter from Martha Berry to contractors Messrs. Batson & Cook instructing them to use the National City Bank since the other contractors, Thompson-Starrett Company used the First National Bank as their depository. The Berry Schools do business with both banks.

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