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A letter expressing her gratitude towards Mrs. Hammond and all her friends for putting on the benefit that will help so many more children in addition to the ones already at Berry.


Martha Berry informs Mrs Hammond that Inez Henry is too ill to travel to New York and that Willie Sue Cordell will travel to New York to handle the sale. Martha Berry thanks Mrs Hammond and her New York friends for organizing a benefit; she also regrets that she cannot travel and sit with Mrs. Hammond in her box, and meet with faithful friends. Martha wishes she could meet Beatrice Lillie for the grand performance.


A letter informing Mrs. Hammond on the leaflets that were being sent for the Benefit and telling her what dire circumstances the College was in.


Mrs. Hammond informs Martha Berry that she is sending a letter and check from Miss Jennings. She tells Martha Berry about a play that they are hoping to get for a benefit that is coming up.

Miss Berry is congratulating the efforts of herself and Mrs. Hammond, especially herself. She provides an anecdote concerning the transformation of a poor-as-can-be mountain girl into a "treasure".


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