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Campbell encloses a $1 cash donation. On guest stationery from the Battle Creek Sanitarium.

This letter details Mrs. William Howard Smith sending an undisclosed amount of money along with congratulating Martha Berry on the success of the Berry Schools.

The Berry Schools request Dr. Kellogg at the Battle Creek Sanitarium send an address as soon as possible.

Berry invites Kellogg to speak at Berry. She informs Kellogg that her niece Frances Wright Ball is recuperating from the operation he recommended and asks him to give her a special rate so that she can spend time at the Battle Creek Sanitarium.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg writes Martha Berry about the possibility of visiting Berry as well as information about nursing tuition and scholarships for Berry students.

Letter talks of sending two Berry girls to study at Battle Creek Sanitarium and asks for catalogs describing the areas of study.

Martha Berry writes to Dr. J. H. Kellogg inquiring about him coming to the Berry Schools to give a lecture to her students. She also writes to him about two of her female students who wish to become nurses and asks about the possibility for them to get funded to study with Kellogg.

John Harvey Kellogg says he is happy to know that Miss Berry returned from Europe in better health. He is also glad to hear that Mr. Ford has become interested in helping the school.

Jeanie Hall Clark writes to say that she has enjoyed her letter and the literature with Mrs. Whiting, who has been out autoing for four days). They send their love and promise that they will visit when they can.

Instructions regarding where to send the rug for Sunshine Cottage. Enclosed a check for $50.00

Berry suggests that Williams and her husband try to get jobs at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and offers to write recommendations for them.

Ida Spurr encloses a donation toward Elizabeth's tuition.

Effie Smiley writes to Martha Berry at Battle Creek Sanitarium, expressing distress at hearing of her illness.

Mr. Rogers sends his donation of $50 to the work of the Berry Schools on a check dated ahead to a date which is special to him.

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