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Martha Berry is writing an personal letter to her friend Fanny Norris. Martha said she misses Fanny and is thinking of her.

Edmund Devol reassures Martha Berry that Kate Macy Ladd still has interest in Berry, but that she is currently deeply absorbed in settling her father's estate and setting up the Macy foundation. Devol describes a recent dinner with Berry graduates.

Wishing she could be with her, Martha Berry updates Ladd on what is going on both for her as well as for Berry.

Mrs. Trotter writes Martha with a contribution to the Berry School.

Letter asks Miss Baker to watch over Martha Berry's niece Martha Berry Wright if she enrolls at the Spence School in the fall.


Miss Berry tells Miss Whitfield about the meeting Mrs. Morris is planning at Bar Harbor and tells her that if Miss Berry's mother is well enough she will attend the meeting. She says that it is beastly hot at Berry and that they are only $20,000 away from being able to complete the new dormitory.

Letter talks about Miss Berry's recent visit to Miss Whitfield's summer home in Bar Harbor and some cucumber seed sent to Martha Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Fremont-Smith for her $50 gift, her interest in the work at Berry, and for telling others of the work at Berry thereby generating interest.

Gertrude M. Richards encloses a check from Mr. Clarence W. Barron and recounts fond memories of her visit with Martha Berry at Mrs. Hammond's.

Miss Berry writes to Dr. Drury to say that it is such a pleasure to have the opportunity of knowing him. She speaks of her winter travel plans and asks him to send some of the books he's written to the Schools with his autograph.

The author thanks Mrs. McAlphin for her letter and for the "mistake" of her $1,000 pledge increasing into a $2,500 endowment scholarship. The author also apologizes that Miss Berry is not writing herself, saying she was very busy the last time she was at the schools. The author expresses her delight at seeing Bill and Molly and her hopes that they will come again.

Martha Berry writes to Emily Hammond about some fundraising business, expressing dismay about Mr. Ochs' work and pledges. She also asks to hold off publishing an article in the New York Times about the schools.


Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Hammond about a number of things, including fundraising, a recent trip to Bar Harbor, and the schools' enrollments and thanked her again for her recent hospitality.


Emily Vanderbilt Hammond writes to Martha Berry following the 1926 Chautauqua. She references a letter to Mr. Ochs and asks for approval from Martha Berry to have her letter published in the Chattanooga newspaper. Mrs. Hammond inquires whether money has arrived at Berry from several personal and business contacts made earlier in Bar Harbor, Maine.

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