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Martha Berry writes to Audrey with advice about her plans to work and get out on her own with her baby. Martha Berry advises Audrey to stay with Mrs Williams and care for her baby.

This is a letter to Mrs. Groff informing her that Audrey Henderson can remain at the school for four months to help with care for the children and to have a little change.

Berry suggests that Williams and her husband try to get jobs at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and offers to write recommendations for them.

Letters between a Mrs. Nesbitt and Martha Berry speaking of an Audrey Henderson and a girl named Mary, who both married someone other than the one who they were engaged to.

Martha Berry writes a letter to Audrey Henderson thanking her for her frankness in her previous letter as well as for the work Audrey did with the Girl's School. Martha Berry also requests that Audrey come to visit sometime during the summer.

In this letter Martha Berry orders tulips and early peonies from Fraser Nurseries. She also asks Mr. Fraser if he will give Berry grad Audrey Henderson a job.

Berry acknowledges the donations of war stamps and four dollars from her students. This note relates to the letter from Audrey Henderson.


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