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McKoy thanks Berry for the opportunity to write the biggest story of his career. The Constitution did not use his story as written, but combined with the the story written by the Associated Press reporter, Mr. Myer. McKoy enlcoses cabon copies of his story as submitted, giving Berry permission to use it however she wishes to.

Caldwell writes to Martha suggesting Mrs. Carroll as a publicity employee for the Berry Schools.

Mr. Caldwell writes to Martha Berry thanking her for the photographs that they used in newspapers around the United States. He also asks for a program of the graduating services and any other material as well so he can run a story in advance.

W. F. Caldwell writes to Martha Berry to inquire after an article and photograph of a horse which he has yet to receive. He was counting on using them and wonders why, after she mentioned them in her previous letter, that he has yet to receive them.
He is sorry that Mr. Green did not follow procedure, causing the article and photograph to not be received.

Letter to Martha Berry from unknown referencing clippings of a newspaper announcement released by the Associated Press that did not mention Rome, GA.

Letter from Morton to the Berry Schools principal returning an article loaned to him by Martha Berry's secretary.

Mr. Martin writes to Martha Berry and the Berry Schools enclosing with the letter a copy of a news story about the school that was in the New York Herald-Tribune. He says that he thinks the Berry Schools are a "light in the wilderness of present day educational methods."

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