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Berry expresses her delight that Inez will be able to make a trip to Chautauqua, and that Emily Vanderbilt Hammond will be there as well. She thanks Pennybacker for visiting the school and informs her that Inez has received the Chautauqua bulletin.

Pennybacker writes in congratulation for Berry's achievements and to remind her to select a student to receive the Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker Scholarship.

Pennybacker regrets that since she has sent a letter urging that the Pictorial Review Award be given to Carrie Chapman Catt on the basis of her work for peace, she cannot also support Berry. Pennybacker commits to supporting Berry next year.

Martha Berry sends Pennybacker a recommendation blank for the Pictorial Review Achievement Award along with a list of her accomplishments. Berry thanks Pennybacker for her recent visit.

Berry apologizes that Pennybacker did not receive the literature sent to her train and will send packages to her in Austin and at the Hotel Belmont in New York. Berry recalls the "wonderful talk" Pennybacker gave to the Shorter College girls during the 1928 visit of the Pilgrims.

Pennybacker compliments Berry on her work and hospitality at a recent visit to the school. She asks that Bessie Bonner send her the literature she was supposed to have been given on the train. On Chatauqua Institution letterhead.

Berry has sent Neal a letter from Mrs. Pennybacker, with information that Carrie Chapman Catt is also in the field for the Pictorial Review award. Berry asks Neal if she will be able to see the people at the Pictorial Review for her.

Emily V. Hammond says she has asked Mr. Starr to go on the pilgrimage, but she does not think he will accept. She also sends a list of those attending and requests that Mrs. Pennybacker be placed in a cottage close to hers.

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