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Ruth Hart writes a letter expressing how glad she is that Martha Berry is feeling better, and that outdoor life in Mentone, Alabama is good for anyone. She also regrets having to turn down an invitation to visit there.

In this letter Martha Berry gives Ernest Ramsey an overview of the work the Berry Schools is doing and promises to send some literature to him regarding this.

Martha Berry's letter to a tax collector with payment of personal property tax includes a reply from tax assessor with instructions for future payments. The document also includes a receipt of Martha Berry's payment.


Receipt from J.J. Tolbert for taxes on Martha Berry's $8000 real estate holding in Alabama

In this letter, Martha Berry is thanking C. M. T. Sawyer for sending her tax notice. Martha Berry also enclosed a check for $95.20 to pay the year's taxes.

Mrs. Nailhas been informed that Berry is interested in buying riverfront land in Mentone, and offers her property, known as the Seaborn Wright property. In a subsequent letter, Miss Berry explains to Mrs. Nail that she will not be able to come see the land unless the price is reasonable.


J. L. Nail writes to Martha Berry to offer to sell her a small tract of land near Mentone, Alabama. Nail extends this offer because he/she is aware of Martha Berry's ownership of property in the area and wishes to give her a chance to purchase more.
The tract of land being offered for sale contains 75 acres (approx.) and about a quarter of a mile of river-front, including the only "dam-site" on Little R(iver) between the Huron dam and the Taylor ford.
Nail also mentions that there are other small tracts of adjoining land also available for purchase if Martha Berry so desires them.

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