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Mr. Draper informs Martha Berry of what is to come and when he will most likely meet with her.

Martha Berry invites Admiral Richard Byrd to come speak at Berry while he is in Atlanta delivering a lecture at Agnes Scott College.

Letter discusses the school being full and Hattie McDougald's scholarship at LaGrange College.

Jane B. Brown writes Martha Berry to ask if she can come visit the Berry Schools when she is in Rome, Georgia.

Martha Berry reccomends that Mrs. Raymond sends her daughter to Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia.

Holt writes to Berry to inform her of a famous pianist, Amy Marcy Cheney Beach, that will soon be arriving in Atlanta. In interest of showing Beach the value that the South holds, and in promoting his fondness for the Berry Schools, Holt suggests that Berry reach out and invite Beach to visit the Schools during her trip to Atlanta.

Mr. McCain will send literature to Mrs. Raymond about their school.

Porter writes in thanks for a recent visit she made -- only at Berry could she find the love and kindness she needed in a time of trial. She provides details of the visit, and also reports that she is spending some time with Bessie McGinness, who is nursing at Agnes Scott.

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