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Mrs. Crosby says she is sorry about the storm that caused damage all over the country and is sending a check for $25.


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Martha Berry tells Mr. Hoehler that they are still talking about his inspirational commencement address. She says that she is very grateful to him for coming. She also tells him that $25 has been added to the Alumni Loan fund in his name which will be used to buy clothes and essential items for the students.

Mrs. Heath explains that she sent a package of clothing to the Berry Schools and wants to know whether or not it had been received.

In this letter Martha Berry reaches out to Mrs. Woodruff to see if she will help donate to the Berry Schools to help get through the tough times. There is a stamp typed on the letter that signals that Mrs. Woodruff did donate twenty dollars.



Author sends a $25 contribution to help with the work at Berry.

A letter to Martha Berry from Helen A. Jaeger, concerning the matter of a scholorship fund. Mrs. Jaeger states that she can only pay in small amounts and has enclosed a check of $25.00 as the first installment.

Mr. Edward H. Jacob encloses a check for $25.00 to help with the Berry Schools. Mr. Jacob also mentions how he lived in the mountains of Western North Carolina for a year and a half many years ago and how he was fond of the natives there.

This is a donation letter for The Berry Schools from Mrs. Olivia S. Burns and the Ladies' Benevolent Society of South Congregational Church in PIttsfield Massachusetts. Enclosed in the letter was a check for 25 dollars.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mr. Callaway for the gift of $25 for an Endowed Scholarship in memory of Dr. Enoch Callaway.

This is a letter from Dr. Ancil Wright from the Young Peoples Christian Union of St. Petersburg, Florida that came enclosed with a check for $25 to go toward the Berry Schools.

The letter asks for donations to the Berry Schools. Written on it is the receipt of a $25 donation.



Edith Talbot is very sorry about the fire in the dormitory and she sends a donation of $25.

This donation of $25 is for a fund for a young man named Eugene so that he can go to Berry to become a minister.

This is a letter on behalf of the Methodist Episcopal Sunday School to Miss Berry. Jasper Moore had heard about The Berry Schools and requested that the money for that day's offering go to the Schools. Overall, they gave Miss Berry a generous gift of $25.00.

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